The evaluation titled “Real Time Evaluation of Gender Integration in the UNICEF COVID-19 Response in South Asia” by Dr Sonal Zaveri, regional coordinator, GENSA was assessed among the top ones in the Award category “Evaluation as transformation” and has received an honourable mention of the Award! It is particularly important as it has embedded feminist principles in the evaluation design.

The evaluation approach was “Real Time Evaluation” of gender integration, broadly based on the principles of Developmental Evaluation, leading to continuous learning and adaptive management, enabling the real-time utilisation of

Webinar on Evaluating Masculinity Matters

Join us for an instructive and thought provoking webinar with eminent evaluation leaders from South Asia and globally, namely, Florencia Tateossian, Co-Chair Evalgender+, Evaluation Specialist UN Women; Ravi Verma, Regional

Launch Event: GENSA

Gender and Equity Network South Asia, a special interest group of the Community of Evaluators – South Asia (COE SA) is the first-ever gender and equity network in South Asia