June 1, 2020 at 12:18 am

Launch Event: GENSA

Gender and Equity Network South Asia, a special interest group of the Community of Evaluators – South Asia (COE SA) is the first-ever gender and equity network in South Asia was initiated in June 2020. The launch event provides a platform to connect with inspiring leaders, share insightful knowledge and resources across South Asia and participate in exciting brainstorming activities.  GENSA aims to promote an equity and gender lens in evaluations and particularly give voice
to the special challenges in addressing these issues in South Asia. The network intends to work with
members to promote, coordinate and collaborate on research, evaluation, policy and capacity
building for gender transformation and equity embedded in and responsive to the unique culture of
South Asia. GENSA aligns with COE’s vision of “Evaluation for a just and equitable society” and
mission: Enhancing high quality evaluation and its use in South Asia through improved capacities,
generating and sharing knowledge and building networks. All member countries of COE SA can
participate in GENSA – India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and